All of our products are handmade in one of two places - the wooden items are made in our home workshop in Vermont while the sewn items are done by Greg's mom in Florida

  • We generally size our items for 1:6 scale dolls, also called play-scale or fashion dolls, which range in the 10-12inch tall size. These include dolls such as Barbie™, Blythe, Pullip, Obitsu 24-27, J-Doll, Momoko, Bratz, and Rainbow/Monster/Shadow High™. Dolls taller than 12inches, like the Integrity Toys, Fashion Royalty and Poppy Parker, will work with many of our items though some may look a bit small.
  • Smaller items, like plants & pillows, or scale-independent items like roomboxes, will also work with 1:12 (or inch scale) dolls.
  • Have a question on whether a given item will work with your doll? Please ask! We are by no means doll experts (there's so many to choose from) but we will do our best to advise you on fit and scale.

We are picky when it comes to materials! Our furniture is made from solid hardwood and the roomboxes are made with premium grade, Baltic Birch plywood. Wallpaper is typically durable peel & stick vinyl. Anything sewn is made from high quality cotton & polyester. Basically we use the exact same materials you'd expect to find in something made for yourself, just in doll scale!

Yes, we are open to custom orders. To keep costs reasonable, we usually try to make things in batches so we might ask you to wait until we make the next batch of your item to do a custom one. Also please keep in mind changing variables like color is usually a lot easier than doing something in a different scale, which typically would require a full redesign.

All of our products ship from our home workshop in Springfield, VT

When your order ships, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number included.

Living and working out of Vermont, we embrace the Vermont ethos which is to make use of the resources you have and respect the environment around you. For us this means reusing packing materials wherever possible and packing most things with recyclable materials (we are working on finding better options for packing our room boxes). We also make many of our furniture pieces from locally sourced, leftover hardwood that is too small for other uses but is perfect for doll-sized pieces.